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The Comic

Hallowind is a fantasy/adventure web-comic series about a group of friends trying to make it as heroes in the land of Namea. There is a world of difference between wanting to be a hero and being one, however -- and it's a lesson that can only be learned the hard way.

While the plans for the series took shape around 2016, the project wasn't launched until October of 2021, and is currently ongoing. Let's hope it stays that way!

The creators

The Artist

Ezra Rose is a Portuguese comic artist, anime fan and night owl. Some say that his blood long ago turned into [REDACTED]-brand energy drink, others say he's a living avatar of caffeine that now walks the Earth. Whatever the case, he's been drawing webcomics since before starting on Hallowind -- in particular Maggie, The Cat Who Fights Demons.

The Writer

Stevie C-K is the writer, producer, and web-developer behind most of the entire Hallowind series - not that he could have done it without Ez's help! Besides being a collossal nerd, he spends most of his time playing cute little indie games, running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, or tinkering with one of another million or so pet projects. His current aim in life is to someday retire to a big house in the country and provide a home for 1000 shelter dogs.

Other Artists

Over the years Hallowind has been helped along by various talented people in one way or another. They may work on it infrequently, or have since moved on to doing other projects, but their contributions still deserve recognition. You can also find examples of the work they did in the gallery.

  • Tristan Aiken designed the elemental lizard and did some background work for chapter 1. He still helps Ezzy out with some pages. Link
  • Mariel Labajos / Charburst drew the next character designs in 2018, and did some preliminary pages of chapter 1. She still does the colouring of the new chapter covers and extra art from time to time. Link
  • Beatriz / Claruil drew some bonus pages that were included after Chapter 1. Link
  • Legacy Artists:

  • Samm Taylor drew the first ever concept art for the characters back in 2017, before the script was even written. Link
  • Shelby Miller / Shubbabang drew some character reference sheets and updated designs in 2019. Link
  • Marty Ward / MartyRigs drew some updated character designs in 2019. Link
  • Toni Strow / Tonestar drew some updated character designs and preliminary pages in 2020. Link
  • Hal / Comborginator drew some unused sticker designs and a bunch of community emotes for the discord server. Link

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