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Early Life

Toby Ai-Do was born as the only child of Eviel and Medes. As descendants of the Anegons - the progenitors and founders of Jinn people and culture - Toby's household is considered a powerful and noble family within their land, and it was in this traditional and upstanding setting that he spent his formative years.

At the age of 10 years old, Toby had not displayed any outward signs of magical aptitude - while not entirely unheard of, no Jinn had ever been recorded as being entirely non-magical beyond 13 years of age, and the continuing lack of arcane talent was a growing worry for the Ai-Do's. In reality, Toby simply hid his dabblings in magic from his parents' overbearing eyes, already resentful of the family's reputation on his shoulders. But that growing worry eventually led to the three of them - Evan, Isla and their son Toby - to move to the human kingdom and take an orphaned child under their wing.

Alex became a fond family member surprisingly quickly given his rough past, and Toby immediately warmed to him. The young boy represented something alien to his strict rule-abiding society, and he was provided a great deal more freedom in their new life abroad. Not long after, at the age of 12, Toby finally revealed his potency in white magic. In celebration of this, he was granted a Jinn's final honour before serving his family: choosing the suit of armour he would continue to inhabit for the next several decades as an unconditional member of the Ai-Do clan.

Astralux College of The Sorcerous Arts

Quickly tiring of his lofty clerical duties, Toby firmly declared that he would be pursuing a magical scholarship and left for Astralux at age 17. It was here that he augmented his already robust knowledge of aspidamancy (barrier-magic) and other branches of white magic, as well as becoming firm friends with Stella, a fellow student who was equally brilliant and in some ways entirely opposite to him.

A remarkable student, he proved to be skilled and powerful when practically applying spells. Within two months of beginning his further study of barrier magic, he had mastered all the core spells and was well on his way to developing his own more complex ones.

The Kingdom Keepers

Presently as a member of the Kingdom Keepers, Toby is a resilient and stoic spellcaster, who despite his protective and otherwise calm nature tends to indulge his younger brother in many antics, not least of all forming the Keepers themselves. As a noble pursuit, albeit a highly unreliable one, the idea of mercantile heroism treads a fine line between abandoning the Ai-Do familial ties and upholding their lofty heritage. Thankfully Toby has found himself able to indulge in his radical and carefree lifestyle - at least by Jinn nobility's standards - in relative peace.

Skills and Magic

Toby was born a white mage, and developed his talents in secret from his parents, in part as a form of rebellion against their constant observation and strict mentorship. After his studies at St Staffenrods, he became an exceptional barrier-mage, and learned a great deal about white magic while there. His grasp of the more advanced magical theory is not as strong as Stella's, but his "hands on" approach often saves the Keepers from whatever scrape they're in.

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