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Early Life

Stella was born the only child of Brian Tellomare and Anastasia Medra. Both her parents were highly successful in thier respective literary fields; her father Brian owned a bookshop which dealt in rare or expensive tomes; her mother was an investigative journalist who penned works on some of the most ground-breaking events in years. Naturally, Stella was raised with unfettered access to reading material of all kinds, and became a remarkably cruious and precocious child.

At only four years old, Stella displayed her first signs of magical talent: mentally guiding a butterfly to land on her outstretched hand. From there, her parents took care to indulge her arcane interests, while keeping a watchful eye on her. While her parents were frugal enough to tutor her themselves, Stella preferred a theoretical approach to learning magic, and spent a great deal of her childhood reading any books on arcane theory she could get her hands on.

On her fifteenth birthday, Stella underwent the Waxing: a ritual of Terrasian culture that signified her coming of age. Having gained a tattoo-like marking upon her left arm, she then chose to enrol at Astralux College, embarking on a five-year course of magical study both theoretical and practical.

Astralux College of The Sorcerous Arts

Stella's first year at Astralux was devoted to general magical study. It was during this time that she met Toby, and they quickly became friends despite their focus on entirely different fields. Together they became two of the most successful and prominent students of their generation.

During her second and third year, her studies focused primarily on Black Magic and Inkwell, the realm from which such powers are drawn. Despite now being dedicated to different subjects, Stella and Toby maintained a close friendship, and spent time with Master Gildred, a favourite tutor of theirs, investigating unusual interactions between their respective magics.

Skills and Magic

Having been born with a strong connection to Inkwell and showing her magical aptitude from a very young age, Stella has proven herself to be incredibly adept at black magic, especially academically. While she lacks confidence and experience in the practical applications, she is often able to piece together solutions to magical problems even when she isn't casting any spells directly.

She shows particular excellency in the arts of Sensomancy, the manipulation of memory and the senses, and of Autonomancy, the control and puppeting of others' bodies. Despite its potentially powerful applications, Stella is incredibly reluctant to practise magic of the latter kind however, as it is rarely able to be used for good.

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