The series features a number of different characters, and the section may contain information about them that either won't come up in the comics, or is referenced in a later story than the arc you are reading. There will be spoilers. You have been warned.

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Early Life

Alex was born to human parents, William and Sophia Danesul. His father was a black mage during the post-Moldor years of magic prohibition, and despite Alex being born shortly after the laws against practising black mages were lifted, Will was a secretive, conniving and short-tempered man, even as a father.

At the age of seven Alex's father, paranoid and prone to violent outbursts, let loose a powerful piece of black magic that almost killed his wife Sophia and young Alex. Unable to face the reality of his actions, Will Danesul fled, leaving his wife in a comatose-like state and his only son virtually orphaned.

Shortly afterwards Alex was taken into a foster family, a modestly wealthy and respectable Jinn couple who had recently moved eastwards from their home in Niasia, and their only biological child, Toby Ai-Do. Alex and his new older brother bonded almost immediately, and have maintained a strong kinship to this day.

The Kingdom Keepers

Driven by a love of the grand exploits of the Order of Mighty Heroes and a resentment of his troubled past, Alex bought a run-down castle to use as a headquarters and home for his own group of heroic adventurers. Dubbed The Kingdom Keepers (if only by Alex himself), he acts as de-facto leader, often charging headfirst into danger whenever it rears its head. What he lacks in restraint or magical aptitude, he makes up for in an intense sense of loyalty and responsibility towards his companions, coming to regard them as much a family as they are his co-workers.

Skills and Magic

Highly unusually, Alex appears to be someone born without an affinity for any kind of magic, and has compensated by training himself in the art of close-quarters combat. While not the most experienced of fighters, he is incredibly skilled for someone of his age, and is determined to fight on the front lines for the good of others, whatever the cost.

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